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The liquidator: Rod Taylor wears a Rolex Submariner

July 26, 2013
In the film "The liquidator" (1966) by Jack Cardiff, Rod Taylor, wears a Rolex Submariner.


The story:
Colonel Moystin (Trevor Howard), head of a network of the British security service is in charge of recruiting a man without scruples to perform from dirty, including eliminating bothersome became undercover agents...


His choice is Boysie Oakes (Rod Taylor), whom he knew during the Liberation of Paris and who just lost his partner, died by falling from a ladder.


Dazzled by the life of luxury Replica Watches UK and pleasure which is offered to him, Boysie accept with enthusiasm the proposed contract. However, his first contract ends in a failure: it proves unable to kill! The assassin contact then, in turn, a Hitman known for its discretion...


A parody of James Bond which the soundtrack was composed by Lalo Schifrin.


With: Rod Taylor, Trevor Howard, Jill St. John...


In the movie "Rain Man" (1988) by Barry Levinson, Tom Cruise wears a Rolex Day-Date yellow gold on President bracelet.


When Charlie Babbitt visits with Raymond in Las Vegas, he deposits his Rolex pledged to continue to play at the casino... before retrieving it with the money earned through the faculties of his brother.


The story:
The death of his father, young Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise), businessman in a hurry, inherits an old Buick he wanted for a long time but was dispossessed of the fortune of his father... paid to a psychiatric institution for the benefit of an anonymous recipient.


Furious, Charlie goes to this institution and view the happy beneficiary. It's Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), "autistic savant", that he called in his childhood Rain Man, which represents its only happy memories and that is other than his... brother. Charlie takes Raymond and they undertake together a crazy journey of one end of the country to the other.


Oscar for best film, best director and best actor (Dustin Hoffman), best original screenplay in 1989


With: Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino, Gerald R. Molen, Jack Murdock, Michael Roberts
In the film "on her Majesty's secret service" (1969) by Peter Hunt, Georges Lazenby is a Rolex Submariner and a Rolex Pre-Daytona.

James Bond first wears a Rolex Submariner (see the scene where he reads Playboy magazine) and then a Rolex Pre-Daytona, a chronograph which he uses to calculate the time of passages from the cable car.

The story:
Secret agent James Bond 007 (Georges Lazenby) and the intrepid Tracy di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg) combine their forces to fight the Spectre, a criminal organization whose headquarters is established in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The evil spirit of the powerful leader of the group, Ernst Stravo Blofeld (Telly Savalas) has designed the most appalling project: the development of a deadly virus to millions of victims!

He wants to spread the virus by using a group of young girls who innocently follow an anti-allergy therapy in his physiologic Research Institute in the Alps.

The only James Bond where secret agent got married. But also, probably, the most tragic of the series...

It crosses two stars of the TV from the 70s, Diana Rigg Hat melon and leather boots and Telly Savalas in the police series Kojak.

With: George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas, Gabriele Ferzetti


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